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Northwest Airlines flight attendants yesterday filed an appeal of last week's ruling by US District Judge Victor Marrero that prevents them from striking or engaging in work actions.
It's annoying," Herold says, "because in France, we start striking, and then we go to negotiate.
How ever, at higher rates of inflation, the situation only gets worse, especially for the striking worker.
In support of their claim, the pilots advanced the theory that the union was merely a conduit through which nonstriking pilots made gifts to their striking colleagues.
Despite previous threats to prolong the job action, EAA Executive Director Robert Aquino told about 150 striking workers at City Hall late Wednesday that they had made their point.
Striking mechanics at Northwest Airlines will not participate in its bankruptcy reorganization process.
Thus, they argue, there is no inherent propensity to striking in the occupation of coal miner.
Boeing's striking machinists are worried globalization will threaten their jobs.
However, CWA officials said Thursday that striking remains a last resort.
They cannot replace striking workers but are also still required to maintain the heating plant, make emergency repairs, and keep the building functioning.
An attack by sheriff deputies on a group of striking young immigrant miners that left nineteen dead in the town of Lattimer in 1897 presented opportunities for the UMW.
The striking Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association is not part of the AFL-CIO, the large labor federation.