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The prisons administration transferred dozens of striking detainees to civilian hospitals after entering a critical stage.
This situation complicates evaluating exactly how many workers are striking within each individual industry.
The dispute lasted thirteen days, during which striking printers and locked out journalists united to produce a strike paper, The News, out of the Communist Party printery.
Comprehensive analysis shows that when a strike takes place, most emergency cases are attended by non-striking personnel or by other institutions substituting for striking hospitals.
The poor health outcomes were not apparent either before or after the strike in the striking hospitals, suggesting that they are attributable to the strike itself.
The striking employees were upset over the management's gag order prohibiting some of its leaders to speak out in public on the Mangalore crash.
Northwest Airlines flight attendants yesterday filed an appeal of last week's ruling by US District Judge Victor Marrero that prevents them from striking or engaging in work actions.
These resident managers and superintendents should be instructed that they are not to admit or do "favors" for anyone, especially striking personnel, even if they are longtime acquaintances.
Think in terms of B-17s flying from East Anglia and Foggia in Italy and striking targets so far deep into the Third Reich that they had to continue into Russia.
The storm striking closest to the Tropic of Cancer landed on which state or country?
Earning comparisons to Joan of Arc, Brigitte Bardot (!), and Margaret Thatcher in the panting British press, she represents something French politics hasn't seen in years: a public figure eager to take on the country's endlessly striking unions.
During the strike, the striking doctors and workers provided only emergency treatment.
(10.) "Ohrbach Asks New Writ To Bar All Picketing By Striking Employees." Daily Worker (1 February 1935), in Clippings, DSSO Papers.
For the striking worker, cost matters are equally bleak.
With enforcement of the ban, the striking pilots will now have to either quit or report for work.