strikes again

(someone or something) strikes again

Someone or something appears or acts again in the same manner and having the same or similar effect. Typically implies that the person, thing, or effect they cause is negative in some way. Yet another working-class neighborhood overrun with coffee shops and boutique stores—rich yuppies strike again! After the unveiling of the president's controversial tax plan, it looks like trickle-down economics strikes again.
See also: again, strike

— strikes again

something or someone acts again or reappears in characteristic fashion and with noticeable effect.
The expression originated in science-fiction and fantasy fiction and films, typically as the title of a sequel.
2004 New Zealand Parliamentary Debates They believe there is no legitimate place for Maori, except as subservient workers for their colonial masters. The tea planter strikes again!
See also: again, strike
References in classic literature ?
I must be off, for when the clock strikes again, it'll be necessary for me to be upon my way to church.
Kim Kardashian Kimmy strikes again in another revealing outfit.
Extraordinary scenes at Epsom as barmy Barzalona celebrates a sensational Derby victory for France on Pour Moi, with the Queen's big hope Carlton House beaten into third All the best reaction and comment, including Alastair Down's verdict, following an incredible day at Epsom, pages 2-9 PRICEWISE STRIKES AGAIN FALLON DRAMA Derby day was another Classic for followers of Tom Segal, who tipped the big-race winner at 6-1.
There are five books in our collection - starting with The Worst Witch Strikes Again - which you can pick up FREE today.
EGYPT Ask Mapman: The Two Continents Club, S5-20 Egypt: Land of Extremes, S5-8 Growing Up in Ancient Egypt, S5-12 Terror Strikes Again and Again, D12-7 Who's Who/Government Leaders, 017&.
But she barely has time to get used to the idea of being cool when the global conspiracy strikes again.
A Garda source said: "He is up to his old tricks and must be caught before he strikes again.
Walter must find the person responsible before death strikes again.
Nancy Thayer's Hot Flash Club Strikes Again (0739317903, $27.
The political pseudoscience press strikes again ("Warming climate may slam many species," SN: 1/24/04, p.
This man needs to be apprehended before he strikes again.
In The Dark Knight Strikes Again (DC Comics, 2001-2, three volumes), Frank Miller presents us with an aged Batman, coming out of retirement to lead a guerrilla army of teenage thugs and washed-up superheroes.
Four women and a schoolgirl have been assaulted in separate attacks by the man and police fear it may only be a matter of time before he strikes again.
A West Midlands Police spokesman said: "We urgently want to find this man before he strikes again.