strike into

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strike (something) into

1. To thrust, hit, kick, or knock something into something. The player struck the ball into the corner of the net. I struck my fist into his face after he made that awful remark.
2. To instill or inspire some strong feeling or emotion in someone or something. The tanks and soldiers pouring into the city struck fear into its citizens. Thinking of my poor son Jacob, who died at such a young age, still strikes grief into my heart to this day.
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strike something into something

to knock something, such as a ball, into something. Johnny struck the ball into the vacant lot. Ted struck golf ball after golf ball into the water.
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strike into

1. To thrust something, such as a weapon, into someone or something: The knight struck the sword into the dragon.
2. To cause some strong emotion to penetrate someone or something deeply: The noise struck terror into their hearts.
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