strike for

strike for (something)

1. To engage in a cessation of work as a part of a job action demanding some desired outcome or result. Employees have been striking for more flexible parental leave. Teachers across the state are striking for better working conditions.
2. To engage in such a cessation of work for a particular length of time. We've been striking for weeks, and the company still hasn't budged an inch on this issue.
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strike for something

to conduct a work stoppage in order to gain something. The workers were striking for longer vacations. We are striking for higher pay.
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References in classic literature ?
Here we are, the talk just starting of going out on sympathetic strike for the mill-workers.
( Yemeni bodega workers in New York City went on strike for a day in February to protest Trump's travel ban.
Thus, people on strike for the entire period are not counted as employed, because they are not on the payroll.
2008, 'Fairfax Staff Strike for "Future of Journalism"', Australian Broadcasting Corporation Transcripts, 29 August.
(1) In Israel in 1973, when doctors went on strike for a month, mortality decreased by 50%.
PNN Friday, 11th May, at least 10 Palestinian inmates, out of whom 8 are administrative detainees, have been on hunger strike for more than 45 days, and are in life-threatening danger.
The machinists, who have been on strike for 24 days, will vote on the contract Thursday.
The murder of a local dealer linked with his boss, Rodney Little, and Victor's subsequent confession mark Strike for the unwanted attention of the homicide detectives.
PASTA first went on strike for eight weeks in 1973, unsuccessfully seeking a staff seat on the board of trustees and the inclusion of full curators in the bargaining unit.
With the officials of the Board annulling prior agreements and rejecting new appeals, the federated shopmen's unions under the aegis of RED called a nationwide strike for July 1,1922.
The flight crew union at JAC is planning a 48-hour strike starting Thursday, and the flight attendant union is planning to strike for a limited number of hours Thursday, officials of the unions said.
At the time of the commercial strike for instance, some tenants had to come to the street to pick up from UPS and FedEx.
Yale also promised to revoke the health benefits of any worker on strike for more than thirty days.
The costs/benefits incurred during a strike for the average struck/nonstruck firm in this study's sample are measured as the cumulative average return calculated for the period [t.sub.a] through [t.sub.s] - 1 (CAR [[t.sub.a], [t.sub.s] - 1] of Table 1).
Replacements ready, willing and able: A longtime air industry observer says Northwest has been preparing for the union strike for 18 months.
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