strike fear, terror, etc. into somebody/somebody's heart

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strike fear into (one)

To frighten, terrify, or horrify someone. While rather impractical and ineffective in combat, the use of flamethrowers in World War II was very effective at striking fear into civilians and enemy soldiers alike. The recent epidemic has struck fear into countries around the world.
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strike ˌfear, ˌterror, etc. into somebody/somebody’s ˈheart

(formal) make somebody feel fear, terror, etc: His crimes struck horror into the nation’s heart.
See also: heart, somebody, strike
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OUR shocking photos of the nuclear disaster waiting to happen in Sellafield will rightfully strike fear into hearts across the country.
Fifteen feet across, 12 feet high, the scales will strike fear into hearts and stomachs at a ceremonial event in front of an audience of friends and family.