strike at

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strike at (someone or something)

1. To direct a blow at someone or something. The boy struck at the bully with his fist. I began striking at the blockage with a metal rod, trying to dislodge it from the pipe.
2. To attempt to impair, disable, or discredit some part or element of something. By cracking down on the opium trade, the task force is hoping to strike the main source of funding for the dictatorship. Their campaign has been striking at the incumbent senator's position on tax reform.
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strike at someone or something

to hit at or toward someone or something. She struck at him, but he parried the blows. The bear struck at the branch, hoping to break it and get at the honey.
See also: strike
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If accepted the agreement would end a three-week-old strike at seven mills in Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland.
Judge blocks strike at Northwest, union will appeal.
There was a residential strike in 1991 that lasted 12 days, and a strike at commercial buildings 1996 that lasted 30 days