strike at

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strike at someone or something

to hit at or toward someone or something. She struck at him, but he parried the blows. The bear struck at the branch, hoping to break it and get at the honey.
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A survivor of the six-month strike at Abitibi-Price 15 years ago, Calvert was still optimistic that his own staff would be spared from any layoffs resulting from the strike, as it was during the earlier strike action.
Clerks on strike at a Pavilions store in Valencia said that despite the bad rap they're getting on the radio, their goal is simple and unchanged.
There was a residential strike in 1991 that lasted 12 days, and a strike at commercial buildings 1996 that lasted 30 days
Also, third graph, fifth line of release should read: refinery in Amarillo, Texas have voted to go on strike at 12:01 a.
A flight attendants strike at Northwest Airlines could start as early as tonight if a federal judge decides not to block the job action.
He said the United States had ``compelling evidence'' that bin Laden's network ``was poised to strike at us again - and soon.