strike a blow for something

strike a blow for (something)

To do something that helps something or contributes to its success. Relief agencies are desperately hoping that the ceasefire strikes a blow for peace in the region.
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strike a blow for something

COMMON If you strike a blow for something such as a cause or principle, you do something which supports it or makes it more likely to succeed. Her appointment as Prime Minister would strike a blow for women's rights in Poland. Aged 83 and still working, he is also striking a blow for older actors. The ruling struck a blow for free speech. Note: You can also say you strike a blow against something, meaning you succeed in weakening the harmful effect of something. `We have struck a major blow against online fraud,' claims Inspector Ian Woodward.
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strike a blow for/against/at something

act forcefully in support of/against something (for example a belief, principle or group of people): The protest was a chance to strike a blow for freedom.The new law would strike a blow against racism.
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