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What new Habits of Thought do we need to adopt in order to create and develop precision strike technology, and to fight in the 21st Century?
During a strike, it is up to management personnel to pick up the slack.
Despite these impressive early results, Herold's long-term task is truly Sisyphean: Chip away at the ossified paternalism in French and European governance, convince a nation that treasures its generous safety net that it can't last, and confront an entrenched culture that views noisome public sector strikes as the preferred method for conflict resolution.
Again and again in the strike literature, one sees reference to the label of retail work as white-collar work and retail workers as white-collar workers.
When the strike started, 580 workers walked off the job.
He pitches only strikes - slightly above the knees on either the inside or the outside corner, and he never walks anyone.
The novel alternates point of view between Strike and Rocco (Harvey Keitel), an approach which aids in the development of the psyches of both characters and provides background information for the tension informing the pair's interactions as Rocco first investigates Victor (Strike's brother), but then changes his focus to Strike.
The shippers and lines are stuck, since they can't just go to another port as they would to avoid a local dock strike.
PASTA first went on strike for eight weeks in 1973, unsuccessfully seeking a staff seat on the board of trustees and the inclusion of full curators in the bargaining unit.
More than half a million workers and students joined the strike, according to organizers.
Seven of the jurors who convicted him, who were unaware the crime was Gordon's third strike until they read it in the newspaper, sent letters to the judge saying Gordon deserved to be punished, but not as if he were a murderer.
Although large quakes strike every few years or so, a truly monstrous jolt has not hit since the mid-1960s, when megaquakes frequently set the entire planet ringing.
If accepted the agreement would end a three-week-old strike at seven mills in Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland.
Even fewer have contended with a second potential strike and averted it.
PHI") (Nasdaq:PHII) (Nasdaq:PHIIK) announced today that on January 11, 2007, the United States District Court for the Western District of Louisiana conducted a hearing on a request by the Office and Professional Employees International Union ("OPEIU") for injunctive relief relating to PHI's handling of the return to work of striking pilots following OPEIU's purported "unconditional" offer to end its strike.