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be (strictly) for the birds

slang To be frustrating, annoying, or pointless. Primarily heard in US, Australia. Driving is strictly for the birds when you live in a big city—unless you like sitting in traffic! I miss my usual shift—night work is for the birds.
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strictly speaking

In the most literal or precise sense. Strictly speaking, we're not supposed to use the lab after hours, but there's really no way to avoid it.
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strictly for the birds

slang Worthless, stupid, or completely undesirable. Driving is strictly for the birds when you live in a big city—unless you like sitting in traffic! I miss my usual shift—night work is strictly for the birds.
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strictly business

1. Something that is motivated by or done for purely business purposes, without being driven by or executed for any ulterior personal reasons I know this comes as a blow, Sonny, but I can assure you that it is not a reflection of your talents or personality. It's strictly business, that's all. You can't let your emotions get wrapped up in these kinds of deals. They're strictly business, and emotions should have nothing to do with them.
2. Something that is done solely to achieve some purpose or goal, not for pleasure or recreation. I know you're excited about flying to Las Vegas, but remember that this is not going to be a vacation—it's strictly business. Rather than having every single meeting be strictly business, try mixing them up with more fun activities to help build your team's morale.
3. Someone who is very professional and does not mess around with foolishness or personal matters. Outside of the office, he's one of the biggest clowns you'll ever meet. But when it comes to sealing deals for work, Tom is strictly business. I need an outfit that let's everyone know I'm strictly business.
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(strictly) from hunger

Of very poor quality; terrible. His first novel showed a lot of promise, but his second one was really from hunger. The plot is nonexistent, the acting is mediocre at best, and the jokes are strictly from hunger. Don't waste your time or your money on this stinker.
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strictly business

1. a matter or issue that is all business and no pleasure. This meeting is strictly business. We don't have time for any leisure activity.
2. a person who is very businesslike and does not waste time with nonbusiness matters. Joe is strictly business. I don't think he has a sense of humor. At least I have never seen it.
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strictly for the birds

not worth consideration; unimportant. informal
This expression was originally US army slang. It may be an allusion to the way in which birds eat the droppings of horses and cattle.
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strictly ˈspeaking

if you are using words or rules in their exact or correct sense: Strictly speaking, nobody under 18 can join this club, but as you are nearly 18...Strictly speaking, a tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable.
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(strictly) from hunger

mod. very strange; acceptable only when nothing else is available. The singer was strictly from hunger.
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