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in the strict(est) sense

Following the narrowest and more precise interpretation (of something). While not correct in the strictest sense, the word has been widely accepted among most English speakers. I wouldn't call her a socialist in the strict sense, but some of her beliefs definitely lean that way.
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in confidence

In private; with the understanding that the other person or people will not reveal what was said. (Sometimes used with the modifiers "strict" or "the strictest.") I can't believe you told your husband about my affair; I told that to you in confidence! Gentlemen, please be aware that this meeting is being held in the strictest confidence.
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in confidence

Also, in strict confidence. Privately, on condition that what is said will not be revealed. For example, The doctor told her in confidence that her mother was terminally ill, or He told us in strict confidence that Gail was pregnant. This idiom was first recorded in 1632. Also see take into one's confidence.
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Until August 23rd, the Oregon minimum salary of $282 had been the stricter standard for employers covered under both state and federal law.
On top of that, stricter enforcement of important regulations and crackdowns on counterfeit goods are cutting off the supply channels for vendors.
According to The New York Times, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) contributed $25,000 to help North Dakota campaign for stricter privacy rules.
MEPs have also agreed to impose a stricter definition on city airports.
But minor amendments aside, everyone seems to be ready to support stricter regulations.
Bureau officials hope laws that will take effect Friday prescribing stricter punishments for negligent safety inspectors will help reign in dangerous mine conditions.
This will provide the industry with transitional funding so that it is able to respond to the challenges of the new market conditions that arise from the lifting of the stricter gas consents policy.
Stricter environmental laws controlling pesticide use have sparked the peregrine's comeback.
Requirements will become stricter for grants above that level and stricter still when the request tops pounds 10,000.
Over the years, stricter enforcement measures have been passed to make fathers provide more economic support for their kids.
The changes--part of HCFA's campaign to strengthen surveyors' ability to identify violations of standards--impose stricter sanctions for noncompliant facilities, and aim to educate consumers and providers regarding quality of care.
The Senate Environment and Public Works Clean Air Subcommittee is near completion of a series of hearings that have addressed a variety of topics associated with the development and implementation of the stricter air quality standards.
The accrual-method test outlined in the final regulations is much stricter than the normal "all events" test cited in Sec.