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in the strict(est) sense

Following the narrowest and most precise interpretation (of something). While not correct in the strictest sense, the word has been widely accepted among most English speakers. I wouldn't call her a socialist in the strict sense, but some of her beliefs definitely lean that way.
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in confidence

In private; with the understanding that what was said will not be revealed. Sometimes used with the modifiers "strict" or "the strictest." I can't believe you told your husband about my operation—I told that to you in confidence! Gentlemen, please be aware that this meeting is being held in the strictest confidence.
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in confidence

Also, in strict confidence. Privately, on condition that what is said will not be revealed. For example, The doctor told her in confidence that her mother was terminally ill, or He told us in strict confidence that Gail was pregnant. This idiom was first recorded in 1632. Also see take into one's confidence.
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This seems to be expanding even as we try to control it," Al Saifaie said, justifying the move to impose stricter punishment.
Muscat Municipality must impose stricter fines for littering and spitting.
A stricter ban on drinking alcohol has been enforced in the camp, which is part of the new rules applicable in all refugee centres in the country following last weekas incident.
Cyprus had to adopt stricter anti-money laundering regulations as part of the March 2013 bailout agreement, including onsite inspections by the Central Bank of Cyprus, which supervises banks and the implementation of the anti-money laundering legislation in the banking sector.
According to Gallup, 10 years ago, three in five Americans (60%) said they favored stricter laws regulating the sale of firearms, but support fell to 44 percent in 2009 and remained at that level in polls conducted in the next two years.
A passionate demonstration for stricter gun control in Washington DC took place Monday in front of one of the offices of the National Rifle Association.
A second draft for the World Anti-Doping Agency's charter has been revised early this week thence stricter penalties will be meted out for violations including the use of stimulant substances and human hormones, or any other forbidden substances.
Navy sailors in Okinawa, demanding the enforcement of stricter discipline and implementation of preventive measures.
Stricter controls on the storage and dispensing of the drug have been introduced across the hospital following the alert, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust said.
The requirements are even stricter than Basel III Accord and will take effect on May 1.
SOCCER star Wayne Rooney has revealed that he's a stricter parent than wife Coleen.
In 2009 Gallup reported there was record-low support for stricter gun laws in the US.
BERLIN (TAP)- Greece is at a crossroads and will need to implement "much stricter structural reforms" to avoid default, IMF mission chief to Greece Poul Thomsen was cited as saying by a German paper on Saturday.
At present, the Japanese authorities are using stricter standards to judge the radioactivity of food, whether exported or consumed on Japanese territory.
Germany is said to be opposed to a strict stress test even though regulators have said that they would make EU stress tests on banks stricter.