strew over

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strew (something) (all) over (someone or something)

To scatter or spread something over a person, area, or thing, especially in a disorganized, haphazard manner. Often used in passive constructions. Clothes, dirty dishes, and discarded food were strewn all over the house when I came back home. Animals got into our garbage cans and strewed garbage all over our front yard. The wind picked up and began strewing dust over us.
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strew something (all) over something

to sow or spread something over an area. Clean this place up! You have strewn your clothing all over the place. The wind strewed the leaves over the lawns.
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strew something over someone or something

to spread or scatter something over someone or something. The silo explosion strewed the grain over everyone in the vicinity. The explosion strewed wreckage over a two-block area.
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