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Thomas [20] used the HET rather than the kerf characteristics to evaluate the effect of the laser cutting parameters on the edge stretchability. Moreover, these results were compared with the ones obtained from the HET for mechanically blanked holes.
Huang, "Stretchable thin-film electrodes for flexible electronics with high deformability and stretchability," Advanced Materials, vol.
In future work, the influence of the trimming condition on the shear edge stretchability is to be investigated.
No rheological physical method has yet been invented for characterization of cheese stretchability. Few studies had been carried out with Farinograph-E, using its bowl as a mixing chamber only for manufacturing imitation cheeses (Noronha et al., 2008a,b; El-Bakry et al., 2010,2011).
"With that level of stretchability we could see medical devices integrated into the human body."
PLA and chain extender affected the biaxial stretchability
"In addition to individual devices, complete circuit sheets can also be structured into wavy geometries to enable stretchability."
The use of conventional offset coating formulations causes curtain coater runnability problems due to insufficient stretchability of the coating color.
Such mechanical performance attributes to the stretchability of the DPC network that could be easily extended.
So far, these studies focused on (i) fundamental research on AgNW based heaters deposited to rigid substrate such as glass [11, 26, 64], (ii) stretchability and bendability [75-77], (iii) textiles decorated with AgNWs, (iv) stability with regard to a long-term current induced chemical degradation and the maximum operating temperature, and (v) composite material systems such as AgNWs/PEDOT:PSS [64,78], AgNWs/CNTs [66, 79], AgNWs/graphene [80], AgNW/clay platelets [11], AgNWs/PMMA [81], and AgNWs/polyacrylate [77] that were reported to improve the adhesion, lower the resistance, and increase the chemical robustness of the devices.
Textiles laminated with breathable film are widely used for high-functional sportswear due to their breathability, waterproofness, lightweight and stretchability. Soft, stretchable knitting materials laminated with film will meet an increasing demand for comfortable and functional wear for multi-use, but conventional double layered knitting materials using crimped thread have limitations when relatively light or and thin materials are sought.
Also at IDEA, CCS showcased technology for adult pant underwear and adult briefs, two areas that are growing globally and require stretchability, body fit and elasticity.
The extent of swelling of the elastomeric matrix is derived from the balance between the stretchability of the polymer network and the osmotic pressure effects of the counter ions.
According to the paper, the nanomesh, a network of fully interconnected gold nanowires, has good electrical conductivity and transparency, and has "ultrahigh stretchability."