stretch money

stretch one's money

 and make one's money stretch
Fig. to economize so that one's money lasts longer. We have to stretch our money in order to be able to buy groceries at the end of the month.
See also: money, stretch
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para]]Experts say public focus should shift from accumulating savings to planning how to stretch money to last throughout retirement[[/para]]
My dad was always a tinkerer in the garage, and we had a large family, had to stretch money.
Then they stretch money further by staying fewer nights or taking cheaper accommodation," says Kevin Darvill, sales and marketing director at Woolacombe Bay Holidays Parks in Devon, where four-night midweek breaks from April 16 and 23 start at pounds 89 for families sharing a two-bedroom caravan holiday home.
But, in these grim days of spending cuts, job losses and trying to stretch money out as far as it can reach, why refuse a weekend in a thriving European city when the return fare is just pounds 39?
before-tax income to a spending account can stretch money
based commercial production company, features local Detroit hip-hop artist, Stretch Money, emphasizing the positive impact the motion picture industry has had on Michigan and the positive experiences of filmmakers in the state.
Stretch Money, endorses the phrase, "It takes money to make money," to enlighten the people of Michigan that the industry has created jobs, brought the best and brightest to the state and stimulated the economy.
Our fact sheets for 10 leading cities show you how to stretch money in family-friendly attractions.
Recording artists Jagged Edge, DJ Unk, i15, Mario, K Deezy, Stretch Money, Moody and Chrisette are also scheduled to appear.