stretch legs

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stretch (one's) legs

To stand or walk to help relieve stiffness in one's legs, usually from sitting for a prolonged period of time. Let's stop off at this rest area for a while. After three hours of driving, I'm sure everyone would like to stretch their legs a bit.
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stretch one's legs

Fig. to walk around and loosen one's leg muscles after sitting down or lying down for a time. We wanted to stretch our legs during intermission. After sitting in the car all day, the travelers decided to stretch their legs.
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stretch (one's) legs

To go for a walk, especially after a lengthy period of sitting.
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stretch one's legs, to

To stand up or go for a walk in order to relieve muscular stiffness or for the exercise. This term has been around since the seventeenth century. Izaak Walton used it in The Compleat Angler (1653): “I have stretch’d my legs up Tottenham Hill to overtake you.”
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On a 40-mile journey adults in the back begged for a chance to get out and stretch legs.
Put weight on arms and stretch legs out in front of you.
Sit down on mat, stretch legs straight out in front, place feet hip distance apart, bend knees and draw feet in a little way.
Sit down on mat stretch legs straight out in front place feet hip distance apart bend knees and draw feet in a little way.