strengthen (one's) hand

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strengthen (one's) hand

To give someone the ability to do something better, more forcefully, or more effectively. The law aims to strengthen federal officers' hands when making arrests on suspicion of illegal immigration. The scandal is yet another issue that will strengthen her opponent's hand in the run up to the election.
See also: hand, strengthen

strengthen someone's hand (or hands)

enable or encourage a person to act more vigorously or effectively.
See also: hand, strengthen

ˌstrengthen your ˈhand

give you more power to do something or act against somebody/something: The new anti-drug laws will strengthen the hand of the police.
See also: hand, strengthen
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And the deal to send Piazon to the La Liga club last week strengthened their hand further as Malaga prepare to cash in on the PS19million -rated Isco.
BURSCOUGH strengthened their hand in the chase to capture a play-off position in the Blue Square North last night thanks to a fairly comfortable victory over the relegation-haunted Railwaymen.
Northampton have already strengthened their hand by snapping up striker Andy Kirk from Boston for pounds 125,000 last Friday.
In Division Two, Fulham (11-8 from 2-1) strengthened their hand while Stoke (7-2 from 3-1) faltered.
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