strengthen (one's) hand

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strengthen (one's) hand

To give someone the ability to do something better, more forcefully, or more effectively. The law aims to strengthen federal officers' hands when making arrests on suspicion of illegal immigration. The scandal is yet another issue that will strengthen her opponent's hand in the run up to the election.
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strengthen someone's hand (or hands)

enable or encourage a person to act more vigorously or effectively.
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ˌstrengthen your ˈhand

give you more power to do something or act against somebody/something: The new anti-drug laws will strengthen the hand of the police.
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It is important, I believe, for Wales to make sure that those people who are the pragmatists, who see the value of putting jobs first, receive support from ourselves as a Welsh Government in order to strengthen their hand in Whitehall."
For now, the Wokingbased marque are gathering whatever information they can to strengthen their hand for next season.
Losing to Westmeath having been ahead at half-time with an extra man is a blow to Louth's hopes of staying up, though the return of star man Paddy Keenan will strengthen their hand considerably.
Reading between the lines, they're trying to strengthen their hand at the negotiations table.
"I think it would strengthen their hand to keep ignoring us.
He said that though the Islamic parties are a marginal presence now, such tactics could only strengthen their hand as an alternative to the rule of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Democratic Party.
David Snellgrove's side have made an indifferent start after the loss of three players, but Armstrong's decision will certainly strengthen their hand. His younger brother, John, is also a key part of the team.
They took advantage of Antrim's loss last week to creep into the top two and a win tomorrow, allied to a Longford win, would strengthen their hand further.
If you want to strengthen their hands, then don't talk."
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