strengthen (one's) hand

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strengthen (one's) hand

To give someone the ability to do something better, more forcefully, or more effectively. The law aims to strengthen federal officers' hands when making arrests on suspicion of illegal immigration. The scandal is yet another issue that will strengthen her opponent's hand in the run up to the election.
See also: hand, strengthen

strengthen someone's hand (or hands)

enable or encourage a person to act more vigorously or effectively.
See also: hand, strengthen

ˌstrengthen your ˈhand

give you more power to do something or act against somebody/something: The new anti-drug laws will strengthen the hand of the police.
See also: hand, strengthen
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This is among the efforts of the police to strengthen our hand in containing crimes in major cities.
"So they are all back in and they will strengthen our hand. We will still be without the injured Geaney's Paul and Mikey, James O'Donoghue and Anthony Maher.
Having Teesside join us on our side of the table will unquestionably strengthen our hand - providing regional rivalry is kept to a minimum.
But it will also strengthen our hand against terrorists by sending a signal to allies around the world that we really are all in this together.
It will strengthen our hand in saving some of the best countryside in Nottinghamshire from new schemes." The Confederation of UK Coal Producers said the industry was already heavy regulated.
"This will strengthen our hand as we make representation to Government."
But we hope the outgoing will not sabotage the peace and will strengthen our hands in Sindh , he remarked.