strengthen (one's) hand

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strengthen (one's) hand

To give someone the ability to do something better, more forcefully, or more effectively. The law aims to strengthen federal officers' hands when making arrests on suspicion of illegal immigration. The scandal is yet another issue that will strengthen her opponent's hand in the run up to the election.
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strengthen someone's hand (or hands)

enable or encourage a person to act more vigorously or effectively.
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ˌstrengthen your ˈhand

give you more power to do something or act against somebody/something: The new anti-drug laws will strengthen the hand of the police.
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References in classic literature ?
And he would have an answer--he said it would strengthen his hand."
While some believe this would mean the end of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, others think such a defeat could strengthen his hand as most of the at-risk seats are held by New Labour supporters, whilst those who support Mr Corbyn hold much safer seats in the party's heartlands.
Donoghue is interested in succeeding Anthony Cunningham as Galway boss and O'Shea's possible availability as coach will strengthen his hand.
To him thy aid impart Strengthen his hand and heart Bid all his foes depart From English soil.
If confirmed in the final count, the result would represent a remarkable victory for the country's radical left prime minister Alexis Tsipras who argued that it would strengthen his hand in demanding a better deal from the eurozone and the IMF.
Prime Minister David Cameron hailed the deal as a "very positive step forward" which would strengthen his hand in G8 talks in which he has made tax avoidance a key issue.
(PM Qurei sought the accord to strengthen his hand in peace negotiations with Sharon.
He also met key allies Lord Mandelson and Harriet Harman ahead of a Cabinet reshuffle tomorrow that he believes will strengthen his hand.
But he hopes the three points will strengthen his hand when he sits down with the club's number-crunchers .
A huge Labour majority will strengthen his hand to modernise Britain.
He asked the people to strengthen his hands for bringing the country of difficult times and assured that he will not let the people down.