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Several years ago, deep into my research on positive psychology, I stumbled upon an obvious truth: We are happier when we spend more time focusing and building upon our strengths than remediating our weaknesses.
This study examines how the compressive strength of concrete containing high volumes of GGBS is affected by various high-temperature curing methods.
The use of lime became limited to the conservation and repair of the heritage buildings with the popularity of Portland cement which attains required strength in a short period of time as compared to lime mortar.
How often are employees asked, "Do you get to use your strengths at work every day?"
This is an online test that each member of our planning team took to determine his or her strengths. As we began our planning session, we had an outside facilitator speak with us about the strengths identified among our team and those that we individually possess.
Managers must know the strengths of each employee, then create opportunities for employees to use them.
* They also tend to want to keep on learning more deeply about their strength or the topic area in which their strength is being used.
Unlike its name, Power Lifting is a training method that focuses on maximum strength. "Power Lifting is centered on the three competition lifts of the squat, bench press, and the deadlift, power lifting develops strength in almost all major muscle groups" (Piper & Erdmann, 1998, p.15).
Two individuals who have been in the trenches since the genesis of modem day strength and conditioning and are arguably the forefathers of the profession--Boyd Epley and Dan Riley--are still going strong and contributing as much as ever to its continual growth and development.
The pattern undergoes wax infiltrations--immersion and capillarity--to increase its strength to avoid handling breaks and elimination.
This term simply describes the strength of a rubber compound in the uncured state.
Tensile yield strength and ultimate elongation were used to assess the bond strength.