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More than half of the people watching streaming content are seeing movie trailers; 42 percent are listening to music and watching weather reports.
The entertainment and enterprise markets view streaming rich media over Internet and mobile networks as a viable opportunity for revenue generation through advertising and video-on-demand, says the analyst of this research service.
Prepaid streaming service: Each VBrick webcast kit includes prepaid streaming/hosting service from PowerStream, a national Internet service provider.
CDN market was worth in total about $450 million dollars in 2005, including retail contracts, backhaul provisioning, streaming advertising delivery, download and other subscription media delivery.
The break out of streaming traffic delivered by format (as reported by the CDN specialists) includes Windows Media at 58.
In 2005, CDNs really became the intelligent front and backend to the streaming media experience," noted Paul A.
The top five aggregated streaming video brands include Time Warner, Yahoo, Real Networks, Microsoft/NBC and Walt Disney
With more ad-supported sites now embracing streaming advertising and advertiser interest increasing, this reference guide gives the industry a concise read on how broadband media buys move from conception to distribution.
And while the business side of streaming media begins to catch up to music and video, these segments will still grow due to their popularity.
A key Macromedia partner, VitalStream continues to offer ground-breaking capabilities for delivering streaming Flash video," said Chris Hock, director of product management, Macromedia.
A secure option for Flash Video Streaming Service powered by Speedera is the next logical step in the evolution of Flash video technology," said Scott Cunningham, multimedia technologies manager, USA TODAY.
In this share report, AccuStream iMedia Research has aggregated streaming video usage on all content sites owned or operated by media organizations to develop a clear picture of total streaming reach by brand.
Vidiator streaming technology makes it possible for us to deliver innovative video content to many users today, and for us to always stay several steps ahead of our competitors.
Support for Flash Video Addresses Growing Market Interest in the New Streaming Format
Software streaming provides the best of both worlds, with the TCO advantages of centralized streaming servers and local execution of programs that are delivered on-demand.