streak across

streak across something

to move across something very fast. A comet streaked across the night sky. Tom streaked across the street to get a cup of coffee.
See also: across, streak
References in classic literature ?
Then she went on sitting, and hatched them: and in a few days they crawled out, and had only a little red streak across their necks, where the tailor had sewn them together.
When these particles hit our atmosphere they heat up and vaporise, showing up as a bright streak across the sky and sometimes leaving a greenish contrail.
As many as 150 meteors per hour will streak across the night sky over the next few days, but if you want to make the most of this moment and have the best Geminids-watching experience you can, you would be wise to plan ahead.
When conditions are right, we may see them streak across the sky.
During this leg of the tour, Steve-O, was dared by a colleague to streak across a bowling green with nothing but his colourful clown wig and make up on.
Washington, August 11 (ANI): Reports indicate that the Perseid meteor shower, which will be visible on August 11 and 12, would yield more than 80 meteors an hour streak across the sky during the best viewing time.
Hildebrand, a researcher at the University of Calgary, said it was likely the largest meteor to streak across the country in more than a decade.
PROBLEMS: A steward holds on to a man who tried to streak across the pitch PICTURE: Wales News
The lamp should be placed so that hand shadows don't streak across your work.
The last time I cared that little was when I was eight and me, my sister and friends decided to streak across the local football pitch.
Like glittering bugs on the cosmic windshield, bits of might-have-been stars will streak across the sky this weekend as they shoot from frozen space and smash into Earth's warm cushion of air.
Earlylast year, just 2 months after the rover Spirit landed on the Red Planet, the craft recorded a strange streak across the Martian sky.
Those who streak across our skies, bringing new ideas and innovations in dentistry and dental assisting.
Davina, 37, said: "On the day of the conference I'm going to streak across the course with the words Make Poverty History scrawled across my breasts.
Sci-Fi's Thomas Vitale says people reportedly saw a fireball streak across the sky and Crash.