stray onto

stray onto (some place)

To wander onto something or some place, especially when one is not supposed to be there. I keep an electrified fence around my fields to keep wild animals from straying onto it at night. Be sure not to stray onto Old Man Cratchit's land—he's liable to shoot you if he catches you!
See also: stray

stray onto something

to wander onto an area, such as a parcel of land. Your cows strayed onto my land and ate my marigolds! If your horse strays onto my land one more time, it's my horse!
See also: stray
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The embarrassment brought upon the nation by the latest incident became more worrisome with the reaction of the Nigeria Police Force on the incident which declared that the herdsmen who allowed their cattle to stray onto and graze on airport runways in the country could not be arrested.
Thirty-seven people have been killed in the past one year, while many more have been maimed by these animals that stray onto farms.
ABU DHABI: An Etihad Airways flight to Ahmedabad in India's Gujarat was diverted when a cow threatened to stray onto the runway at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport, Indian reports said.
Games like these are, indeed, hazardous, not just for players who stray onto public property or roads, but also for their own intellect.
The B4295 has some sharp bends and long straights, and cattle and common-grazing animals sometimes stray onto the carriageway.
Neighbourhood policing officer for Ovenden Kim McCloskey said: "If kids leave school with no qualifi-cations, there's the chance for them to stray onto the wrong path and get into anti-social behaviour but hopefully this course could give them some focus.
Saudi lawyers are calling for owners of camels that stray onto roads in the Kingdom, causing a major nuisance for road users, to be penalised.
It is mandatory for owners to hire an overseer to monitor their cattle and make sure that animals don't stray onto roads and highways.
But one thing to bear in mind is that this 'farm' now isn't really in the country - it is surrounded by housing estates so there is a great chance that dogs might stray onto the 'farmland'.
Apart from pot holes, road works, speed bumps and the occasional rogue cyclist, drivers also have to look out for the growing menace of the walking texters - people who stray onto the road while texting away oblivious of all traffic.
A council spokesman said: "On those occasions where unaccompanied cats or dogs stray onto roads and are killed by a passing vehicle, the council will make arrangements to collect the deceased animal and transport it to the Pets At Peace Crematorium where it is checked for microchip or other identification and held for a period of time to see if the owner comes forward.
Anyone who thinks it's a good idea to stray onto the tracks should think again.
Motorists who stray onto the lanes will be fined Rs 2,000 and their vehicles will be impounded.
But then they escalate into full-blown rows which more than often stray onto the subject of Pete," the Mirror quoted a source as saying.
Northumbria Police officers were also at the scene to ensure members of the public using local coastal footpaths did not stray onto the site.