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strap on the (old) feed bag

slang To begin eating; to have a meal. I can't wait to get to grandma's and strap on the old feed bag. She always cooks the tastiest food! What do you say we strap on the feed bag before we head out?
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strap on a pair

vulgar slang A derogatory exhortation to start acting in a more masculine manner; that is, to be more direct, aggressive, courageous, self-confident, and other such characteristics that are stereotypically considered to be masculine attributes. ("Pair" here refers to testicles, but the phrase can be said of or by both men and women.) You're never going to get the boss's respect if you keep kowtowing to him like that. You need to strap on a pair and show him that you deserve to be taken seriously! Janet, I know you're nervous about asking Tom out on a date, but just strap on a pair and give it a shot!
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Pneumatic actuators ensure a reliable and smooth strapping process.
EAM-Mosca Corp provides high-performance strapping systems solutions to a variety of industries, including food, graphic arts, mailing, fulfillment, logistics, corrugated, windows, doors, and other industrial or consumer goods.
Since its inception in 1995, Macroleague has been engaged in developing various strapping and packing tools specifically for industrial use, as one of the most professional suppliers of this kind in Taiwan.
The UWH-1500 is based on the same configuration as the UWH-1000 and includes the upgrade of an additional strapping unit for increased efficiencies.
Contact Gordian Strapping on tel 01256 394400 or visit www.
Mosca enjoys a proven reputation for designing and building innovation, high-speed strapping equipment, and has now launched three models that combine Mosca's existing features with a stainless steel finish that is corrosion resistance and washdown tolerant to an IP56 rating.
Sekisui is one of the leading producers of polypropylene strapping in the world, with facilities in Japan, China, the Philippines, Holland and North America.
The 720E incorporating an integrated friction weld strapping tool which operates from the same battery pack as the strap dispenser was shown at the show.
Acme packaging continues to operate one regular duty strapping line and its strapping tool manufacturing facility in New Britain, as well as plants in three other cities.
Conveyor speed is fully adjustable and there is a choice of standard strapping modes.
Unwieldy or fragile palletised or non-palletised products can now be safely strapped, thanks to an innovative new horizontal strapping system, exclusively available in the UK from Cyklop UK.
the company had sales of $240 million and manufactured two principal product lines: flat-rolled steel and steel strapping," Marsden pointed out.
When Quinn Glass was looking for a pallet strapping solution in its new purpose-built glass bottle plant in Elton, Cheshire, the company reviewed every make and model of machine on the market.
Cambridgeshire-based packaging systems company, Cyklop UK, has launched a new automatic strapping machine that is ideal for the office or factory.