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strap on the (old) feed bag

slang To begin eating; to have a meal. I can't wait to get to grandma's and strap on the old feed bag. She always cooks the tastiest food! What do you say we strap on the feed bag before we head out?
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strap on a pair

vulgar slang A derogatory exhortation to start acting in a more masculine manner; that is, to be more direct, aggressive, courageous, self-confident, and other such characteristics that are stereotypically considered to be masculine attributes. ("Pair" here refers to testicles, but the phrase can be said of or by both men and women.) You're never going to get the boss's respect if you keep kowtowing to him like that. You need to strap on a pair and show him that you deserve to be taken seriously! Janet, I know you're nervous about asking Tom out on a date, but just strap on a pair and give it a shot!
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strapped for cash

Without any or very much money at the moment; broke, especially temporarily. Would you mind covering the cost of dinner? I'm a little strapped for cash at the moment. My brother always complains that he's strapped for cash, but it's no surprise when he won't go find a job!
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*strapped for something

needing something, usually money. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) I am really strapped for cash. Can you lend me some? Ted is strapped for money and cannot pay his bills.
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strapped for

In need of, as in We're strapped for cash this week. Originating in the mid-1800s as simply strapped, meaning "in need of money," the term acquired for in the first half of the 1900s. Now the term is also used for other needs, as in I can't give you any more firewood; I'm strapped for it myself.
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1. mod. broke; short of money. I’m sorry I can’t pay you right now. I’m strapped.
2. mod. wearing a gun holster. Be careful. He’s strapped. I see it under his jacket.
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at least eleven people have died under questionable circumstances after being strapped into a restraint chair.
On April 17, 1995, Carmelo Marrero died in the Sacramento County Jail while strapped in a restraint chair.
For thirty-three of the final thirty-six hours of her life, Zentai was strapped in a restraint chair.
He was denied medical care and "died while strapped in a restraint chair," reported Amnesty International in 1998.
Goins died in a Kansas City, Missouri, jail of cardiac arrest after struggling with guards who squirted him with pepper spray and strapped him in a restraint chain When the officers returned a few minutes later from washing the spray off themselves, they found him dead.
On June 5, 1997, Magarahan's client, Christopher Stone, was beaten, strapped into a restraint chair, and then pepper-sprayed after he was arrested for drunk driving and brought to the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center in Georgia.
The Sacramento case alleged numerous and repeated forms of torture, including mock executions, where guards strapped inmates into a Prostraint chair and told them they were about to be electrocuted.
The album's namesake first single, "Always Strapped," features reigning superstar Lil Wayne plus Rick Ross and is currently heating up Crossover and Urban Radio station airwaves across the country.
With the release of ALWAYS STRAPPED, Birdman, a man of considerable talents, answers his first calling -- making hit records.
RICHARDSON, Texas, May 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Customization never looked better as when you've strapped on a FOSSIL(R) watch that you created yourself.