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He said he's also going to strap down the top three barrel racks (top six barrels) on the ends of rows.
The bag is not only the same size as my trailer but also tall enough to fold over my load and strap down so that I don't blow the contents on the drivers behind me.
It can take up to 10 minutes to strap down the SSS properly.
He would position you under one of the skylights and take a little run up at you, timing it so that his backswing would fly up into the extra height of the skylight, giving him the chance to bring the strap down with far greater force.
Adults are permitted to snack on their leftovers, which is advised because dinner is not served until an hour after we've managed to strap down the children into bed.
IF you've already sampled the savoury experience of hot chilli and fennel popcorn, strap down your tastebuds for a shot of chilli and lime.
Perhaps he should strap down Aiden McGeady after every match to prevent him from leaving Glasgow because there is no doubt that the Republic of Ireland winger holds the key to Celtic's season.
This is my first (duck) transport," said Ballew, who was wearing a green-and-yellow University of Oregon stocking cap as he helped load and strap down the newly christened Track Town USA Duck in Donna Briggs' Bethel-area driveway.
With the rattling of chains and faces dripping with sweat, seven Airmen teamed up with three Marines at Al Asad Airfield, Iraq, last August to strap down two MRAPs into one C-17 for transportation throughout the area.
It works by attaching the clip to the buckle end of the belt, thereby redirecting the top strap down the centre of the body.
The clip is attached to the buckle end of the belt, redirecting the top strap down the centre of the body.
She's The Man hits theaters right off the heels of her film Lovestruck (a part for which she did not have to strap down her boobs).
It is a halter neck with a long strap down the back and it has white circles all over it.
Bosses at the Onyx landfill site at Lawford Heath have been asked to instruct drivers using the site to strap down rubbish to prevent it flying out of their trailers.