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strand (someone or something) on (something)

To cause someone or something to be stuck or trapped something from which they or it is unable to move or escape. Often used in passive constructions. Without gas, our car was totally stranded on the side of the road. The storm blew our boat off course and stranded us on a remote island.
See also: on, strand

strand someone on something

to abandon someone on something from which there is no escape. The shipwreck stranded our little group on a deserted beach. We were stranded on the little island by a storm.
See also: on, strand
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Assuming participation by 100% of the Strand LS shareholders, the effect of the transaction will be that Strand LS shareholders and the employees and directors who are option-holders in Strand LS will own directly and beneficially approximately 68% of the combined enterprise and the current shareholders of Venaxis will own approximately 32%.
Couneson, seen touring The Strand shopping centre after the site's opening ceremony, October 3, 1968.
Strand Life Sciences is a portfolio company of US health and life sciences fund Biomark Capital Partners.
Small-fruited date cultivars required strand removing or individual fruit thinning.
Initially a close associate of Alfred Stieglitz and Georgia O'Keefe, Strand broke with both of them, and divorced his wife Rebecca following a 1929 trip to Taos, where the preciousness of the clique then surrounding Mabel Dodge Luhan impressed Strand not at all.
Throughout his career Strand has used ceramics as his primary vehicle to intrigue his audience.
The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), is incredibly sensitive and efficient; one can produce millions of copies of a desired DNA molecule within a short period, even begins with only one strand of the sequence.
Substantial strand mixing and horizontal travel across the width of the forming head occurs prior to the orientation deck.
Strand pelletizers for small production, laboratory, or school use have a 2-in.
Strand received choice play in Stieglitz's influential photo journal, ``Camera Work,'' establishing a reputation that constantly grew and lasted until Strand's death in 1976.
A number of thermoplastic bulkable continuous filaments are bonded to one circumferential region of the strand surface and along its length.
The framework lists the different history strands: Strand 1: "Time, Continuity, and Change"; Strand 2: "People, Places, and Environments"; Strand 3: "Production, Distribution, and Consumption"; Strand 4: "Power, Authority, and Governance"; and Strand 5: "Social Science Processes and Skills.
Specifically, strand manufacturers were interested in bumping the 0.
The Kunstforeningen (Art Society) has a very fine eighteenth-century Baroque house on the Gammel Strand (Old Shore), a quayside marketplace in the middle of the city overlooking the Slotsholm Canal, the marvellously decorated neo Egyptian Thorvaldsen Museum and, behind that, the Christiansborg Palace, the early twentieth-century Baroque parliament building and its chapel by C.