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These two harmonies I ask you to leave; the strain of necessity and the strain of freedom, the strain of the unfortunate and the strain of the fortunate, the strain of courage, and the strain of temperance; these, I say, leave.
Musical strains, well rendered, had a way of evoking pictures in her mind.
A worried aide-de-camp ran up to the Rostovs requesting them to stand farther back, though as it was they were already close to the wall, and from the gallery resounded the distinct, precise, enticingly rhythmical strains of a waltz.
"It's just this," said the doctor, taking a finger of his kid glove in his white hands and pulling it, "if you don't strain the strings, and then try to break them, you'll find it a difficult job; but strain a string to its very utmost, and the mere weight of one finger on the strained string will snap it.
For hard it was on Michael, a nerve and mental strain of the severest for him so to control himself as to play-act anger and threat of hurt to his beloved Steward.
A strain of plaintive music, played on stringed instruments, and flutes, recalled my attention to the hidden shrine.
A new strain of music, loud and jubilant, rose from the hidden shrine.
That which she saw relieved the strain of the long night vigil; but there was much that she did not see.
Silently and powerfully he strained at the bonds which fettered his wrists.
The Department of Health (DOH) assured the public that there were no 'mutant strains' of the dengue virus in the country, which supposedly caused the number of cases of the mosquito-borne disease to spike this year.
Indica strains of cannabis are known for their stony, relaxing, sleep-inducing, pain-relieving, and nausea-reducing effects.
In addition, samples can be tested to extremely large strains in both tension and compression.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 26, 2018-Abattis Bioceuticals Acquires Select Strains in Deal Valued at USD 5m
This has an impact on the effectiveness of vaccines to induce protection against all strains of the virus.