strain every nerve/sinew

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strain every nerve

To expend a maximum amount of effort to do something. I strained every nerve to reach that book on the top shelf, and I still couldn't get it.
See also: every, nerve, strain

strain every nerve

make every possible effort.
Nerve is used here in an earlier sense of ‘tendon or sinew’.
See also: every, nerve, strain

strain every ˈnerve/ˈsinew (to do something)

(written) try as hard as you can (to do something): He strained every sinew to help us, but didn’t succeed.
See also: every, nerve, strain

strain every nerve

To make every effort.
See also: every, nerve, strain
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IN Star Wars: The Last Jedi the depleted forces of the Resistance strain every sinew and bunch every bicep to ward off the dark forces of the First Order - and on Tuesday night I fought alongside them every minute of the way.
Did he strain every sinew after Jonathan Moss's first whistle had sounded sanctuary from the smothering symbolism of this occasion?
Let's not forget, they were booed off after the dour 0-0 draw with Rotherham and every player selected must strain every sinew to ensure that scoreline is not repeated.
Kevin Ball might be attempting to strain every sinew from Sunderland's players but going forward, presumably under Gus Poyet, the Black Cats will require cool heads to prevent a reoccurrence of their current clump and in Ki Sung-Yueng, either side of the exuberant Lee Catermole and the flair of Seb Larsson, they have a player with the capacity to control a game.
Craig Bellamy will strain every sinew for the cause but at 34 he lacks the pace he once had and can no longer be expected to terrorise top-flight defences.
Mr George said: "I would urge her to strain every sinew to get this service up and running because the mid Wales region is in desperate need of it.
Hyde Park On Hudson boasts a stellar cast, who strain every sinew to wring laughter and tears from Nelson's script.
In a world where footballers come under fire for their behaviour, the Christian League is living, breathing proof that 22 young - or, in some cases, not so young - men can come together, give their all for the sake of those three points, strain every sinew to achieve victory, and still maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect and sportsmanship.
And while teachers and school leaders strain every sinew in these schools to raise aspiration and achievement, they struggle always against the effects of poverty, ill health and deprivation, and children in these schools routinely fail to make the educational progress achieved by their more advantaged peers.
Bowe, however, believes Ireland can topple the All Blacks if they strain every sinew in the pursuit of a famous victor y.
At a time when we're having to take such difficult decisions about how to cut back without damaging the things that matter the most, we should strain every sinew to cut error, waste and fraud in our welfare system," Cameron wrote.
I have built a squad that should enable us to compete on all fronts and I am not going to prioritise, except to say that it is essential we strain every sinew to win the League.
They have always felt a special pride whenever they pulled on the red V and have tried to defend the honour of their home-town team and strain every sinew to see the Saints home.
The Kerry team were forced to strain every sinew by a committed John Mitchells outfit who came within a whisker of completing a hat-trick of shock successes.
If we don't strain every sinew to make ourselves 21st century globally competitive then we will pay a big price.