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The Department of Health (DOH) assured the public that there were no 'mutant strains' of the dengue virus in the country, which supposedly caused the number of cases of the mosquito-borne disease to spike this year.
This strain has such favorable characteristics that it is commonly used as a parent strain by cannabis breeders when they create new strains.
Accurately measuring force and sample strain (or displacement) is critical to a high quality test method and test plan.
Under the terms of the agreement, Select Strains will transfer the ownership of its proprietary strain portfolio, seed inventory and clone catalogue to Abattis in exchange for 41,666,666 common shares of the company, purchased for CDN 5.0m (USD 3.78m) at a price of CDN 0.12 (USD 0.09) per share.
This is important when assessing cross-protectiveness of a vaccine against different virus strains. Serum from cats vaccinated with both FCV strains neutralized more FCV isolates than that from cats vaccinated with a single FCV strain.
Experimental strain can be obtained by the ratio of measured displacement and the gage length.
Phylogenetic analysis of the viral capsid gene grouped these strains into 4 genetic clusters.
In their study, Goji and his colleagues administered a recently developed bird-flu vaccine that targets an H5N1 strain identified in Vietnam in 2004.
How to identify profitable strains and market them are just two.
Mutation into a strain with the potential for pandemic may never happen, but if it does, mortality could be extremely high.
The H5N1 strain of bird flu swept through 10 Asian countries early this year, resulting in the death or slaughter of over 100 million chickens and the deaths of more than 20 people.
The strain-life data is generally acquired when the strain amplitude is the controlled variable during an axial fatigue test.
The determination of dislocation distribution parameters is discussed for specimens where both strain broadening caused by dislocations and size broadening occur.