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The nucleotide sequences of PCR products of clinical specimens and the vaccine strain were sequenced with an ABI Prism dye terminator cycle sequencing kit (Applied Biosystems, UK), according to manufacturer's instructions.
These results suggest that all the genes in the deadly 1918 strain somehow work together to excessively rile the immune system, explains Katze.
The objective here is to see initially how the difference in these shapes and the level of strain can affect deviations from a material's intrinsic stress-strain response.
From IBL Japan's efforts to breed strains from labs in Japan, Abe realizes that transgenic breeding requires a significant amount of skill.
Our method simply allows one to make vaccine candidate strains easily, so any laboratory can now easily make any H5N1-containing strain.
But Strain let players borrow his phone to reach loved ones.
The annealed specimens were twisted clockwise to the values of strain indicated in Fig.
The strain life fatigue data for 22 carefully specified and characterized grades of iron are available from an unbiased source.
Structural diffraction line broadening is often subdivided into size broadening, and strain broadening.
psittaci 6BC type strain available in GenBank (accession nos.
More than 80 percent of the infected patients had acquired a single, fluoroquinolone-resistant form of the pathogen, making that strain primarily responsible for the Quebec outbreaks, Loo's team concludes.
Servohydraulic systems are designed for a wide range of strain rate testing, including tensile, puncture, compression and flexure of materials.
The three-standard test methods are for measuring in-plane lengths, residual strain, and strain gradient.
The limitations of tensile testing begin with the fact that the test is performed at room temperature at a slow rate of strain.