straight face

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*straight face

Fig. a face free from smiles or laughter. (*Typically: have ~; keep ~.) It's hard to keep a straight face when someone tells a funny joke.
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Don't think: Lipton is wonderful as he straight-facedly lists Tom Cruise's MTV Movie Awards and Blockbuster Entertainment Awards with precisely the same reverential gravitas as he does his Oscar nominations.
A recent story about a television celebrity charged by an acquaintance of forcibly engaging her in several varieties of kinky sex was straight-facedly reported in print and on radio with mainstream reporters standing outside the courthouse where the accused (he had denied any guilt) was simply being arraigned -- not tried.
Of course, Pentagon officials know these assumptions are absurd, but by using them they can pack the budget with all manner of gizmos and argue, straight-facedly, that the gizmos are affordable.
Featuring works in video, installation, and sculpture created between 2006 and 2011, this show emphasized contemplative aspects of Denis Savary's art, rather than the straight-facedly humorous, cool side for which he is also known.
Incredibly, while pushing forward these schemes that are devaluing their currencies and causing inflation, the central bankers straight-facedly tell the public that they are fighting inflation.
The scene in which scientists suggest straight-facedly that the good, pure child is too dangerous for this world and must be destroyed is the miniseries' most risibly silly.