straight from the horse's mouth

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(straight) from the horse's mouth

From the original or most reliable source. A: "Is our test really getting rescheduled?" B: "Yep, our teacher was ahead of me in the lunch line, so I heard it straight from the horse's mouth."
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straight from the horse’s mouth

mod. directly from the source, not just a horse. (As if a racehorse were giving racing tips.) This came straight from the horse’s mouth. It’s Zeerocks Copy in the sixth race.
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from the horse's mouth, straight

From the best authority. The analogy here is to examining a horse’s teeth, which reveal its age with some accuracy. Although this fact has been known for centuries (and indeed gave rise to the adage, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, dating from the fifth century), the expression dates only from the 1920s. “I have it straight from the mouth of a horse,” wrote Christopher Morley (Kitty Foyle, 1939).
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Tony is heavily involved in The X Factor so we can find out the tears and tantrums straight from the horse's mouth
"At this point, straight from the horse's mouth, I'd like some time off and my first priority is to finish off my tenure as national South Africa coach and then from next year see what opportunities come."
It looked as though the filly might be called to the witness box at the Old Bailey after an expert suggested a lawyer should get the answer to a question straight from the horse's mouth.
Noddy assures me this tail is straight from the horse's mouth but personally I fancy it's from the other end ...
BBC Southern Counties presenter Hart questioned whether McCammon was talented enough for the Coca-Cola Championship and soon got his answer - straight from the horse's mouth.
Straight From The Horse's Mouth: How To Talk To Animals And Get Answers advocates it is possible to foster animal communication: communicator Kinkade shares a program which has helped her clients understand and communicate with their pets.
'Straight from the Horse's Mouth' attempts to tell the reader how to read the thoughts of animals rather than simply interpreting their body language and behaviour.
Little notes would appear under my pillow, supposedly straight from the horse's mouth, on how much he would prefer joining our household as opposed to going to the glue-factory.
New Delhi [India], Nov 25 ( ANI ): Miley Cyrus is "not" pregnant and the words are coming straight from the horse's mouth.
BEN Gibson didn't see Jonathan Woodgate's legendary Emirates Stadium shackling of Thierry Henry but he has been told about it - straight from the horse's mouth.
I wanted to hear it straight from the horse's mouth because performing in a supporting bout for Pacquiao has been Donaire's wish for the longest time.
Here is one to go on with which appeared on November 4, 1976, under the heading "Straight From the Horse's Mouth": "Henry Blake, the man who talks to horses, is Aintree-bound again.
Those words came straight from the horse's mouth and while Rangers supporters rejoiced there were plenty of other fans slightly more sceptical of the Englishman's motives.
Why not publish a piece that listens to these people's stories straight from the horse's mouth so we can better understand those around us instead of viewing them with suspicion?
The best thing to do is to wait for the confirmation straight from the horse's mouth.