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straddle the fence

Fig. to support both sides of an issue. (As if one were partly on either side of a fence.) The mayor is straddling the fence on this issue, hoping the public will forget it. The legislator wanted to straddle the fence until the last minute, and that alone cost her a lot of votes.
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on the fence, be

Also, straddle the fence. Be undecided, not committed, as in I don't know if I'll move there; I'm still on the fence, or He's straddling the fence about the merger. This picturesque expression, with its implication that one can jump to either side, at first was applied mainly to political commitments. [Early 1800s]
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straddle the fence

tv. to support both sides of an issue. The mayor is straddling the fence on this issue, hoping the public will forget it.
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straddle the fence

To be undecided or uncommitted.
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Under the new identified straddle regime, however, T may identify which X shares are straddled by the put option (e.
As shown by the results of the line which straddled the known orebody there was a very good IP and resistivity response of the gold orebody.
Until these acquisitions, St Andrew controlled a mile width of property that straddled 13 miles of the Porcupine Destor Fault.
One of the cars straddled the sidewalk, while the other, a black Jeep, passed on the right and hit the front of the celebrity couple's car, causing minor damage.
Canton Financial has targeted REITS with a market capitalization value between $5 and $100 million straddled with deteriorating yields.
Ventura County sheriff's Deputy Peter Aguirre straddled the fence between becoming a teacher or police officer for years.
While the broad characterizations and biting dialogue of "The Late Shift" wouldn't seem to lend themselves to fence-straddling, some critics straddled, anyway.
Dick Lugar straddled a Harley Davidson motorcycle to make his point against Buchanan's protectionist trade policies - and again called on rivals to cool their negative campaigning.