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stow away

to conceal oneself in a vehicle, originally a ship, in order to travel without paying. Don got to this country by stowing away on a cargo ship.
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stow something away

to pack something away. I have to stow my clothes away before I go to bed. Please stow away your things and get right to work.
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stow away

1. Put aside or store something until needed, as in We generally stow away the lawn furniture in the toolshed. [Late 1700s]
2. Hide oneself aboard ship or in a vehicle in order to get free transportation, as in The youngsters planned to stow away on a freighter but they never even got to the waterfront . This usage gave rise to the noun stowaway. [Mid-1800s]
2. Greedily consume food or drink, as in Bob sure can stow away a lot in a short time. [Colloquial; mid-1800s]
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stow away

1. To put something away or store something, especially to keep a place uncluttered or in order: The platoon leader ordered the soldiers to stow away their sleeping bags and secure the campsite. My lawyer has stowed those papers away in a drawer somewhere.
2. To hide aboard a conveyance in order to obtain free transportation: Unable to afford tickets, the youths stowed away on a tanker.
3. To consume some food or drink greedily: For someone so tiny, you certainly stow away a lot of food! You must have liked that pork; you certainly stowed it away.
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Stow it!

exclam. Shut up! Stow it! That is enough of your applesauce.
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Lexus was keen for the IS 250 C to replicate the impressive ride quality and composure on which Lexus has built its house down the years and to achieve this in a car with a stowable roof, the engineers had their work cut out.
A few companies, such as Fish Stix, make outriggers that drop into standard rod holders, which are easily removable and stowable.
The model features a 12-speaker audio system, satellite navigation, external HDMI input, rear-seat entertainment with split-screen capability, a 'cool box' in the lower centre stack, a stowable third row, and a removable first row centre console.
3 FAVORITE STANDARDS: Kicker stereo amp w/6 speakers, ski tow, stowable fiberglass table
Its regular seating features a six-seat layout over three rows with a flexible stowable seventh seat in the middle of the second row, which can be folded into position when needed.
The stowable waistbelt has a detachable, padded rangefinder pocket for quick, quiet access.
There will eventually be a coupe and a convertible featuring a stowable hard top.
It has large pit zips and adjustable cuffs for ventilation, a stowable hood, and stuffs into its own pocket when you don't need it.
Internal sections are configurable, with the three smallest styles featuring easy-access stowable handles and two pockets, and the three largest styles featuring full briefcase organizers, expandable filing pocket and storage space.
It features a removable hardtop, and a stowable fabric cover to protect the interiors.
Jonathan Elkoubi, general manager of Safer America (source for our other two test hoods, the Parat-C and the COGO), says a hood should be easily stowable and retrievable in the cockpit's limited space.
It holds your bow conveniently via a padded compression pod and stowable bow limb support.
There are three rows of two seats - and a further stowable seat in the middle row to make the vehicle large enough for another passenger.