story of my life, that's the

(it's/that's the) story of my life

This bad thing, or bad things like it, have happened to me frequently in my life. Often used humorously. A: "They decided to hire someone who has a relative in the company." B: "Story of my life, man." I can't believe another girl broke up with me because she wanted to date my friend. I swear, it's the story of my life. A: "The only guys interested in dating me lately are total weirdos." B: "Ugh, that's the story of my life."
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that’s the ˌstory of my ˈlife

(informal) used for saying that something that happens to you or to another person is typical of the bad luck you always have: ‘I meet somebody I really like and she tells me she’s married. That’s the story of my life!’
See also: life, of, story
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story of my life, that's the

Describing something that summarizes one’s own experience. Usually said about a difficulty, setback, or disappointment of some kind, this expression is generally stated ruefully, and with either exasperation or resignation. It dates from the second half of the twentieth century. The humor magazine Punch used it on March 11, 1964: “It’s the story of my life—looking for small watch-straps.”
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