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"Well, anyway, it's a perfectly elegant story, Anne, and will make you famous, of that I'm sure.
Now, Diana, tell me candidly, do you see any faults in my story?"
"Why, that is where the humor comes in, and it's one of the best parts of the whole story," said Anne.
"Of course," said the Story Girl hastily, not wishing to have Dan turned against our project, "if all the rest of you want it I'll go in for it too.
"But," said Cecily timidly, "that will leave out Peter and the Story Girl and Sara Ray, just as if they didn't have a share in it.
"Oh!" Cecily threw a deprecating glance at the Story Girl and Felicity.
Princess Ozma, whom I love as much as my readers do, is again introduced in this story, and so are several of our old friends of Oz.
If it had occurred to me before it would have perhaps done away with the existence of this Author's Note; for, indeed, the same remark applies to every story in this volume.
"Falk" -- the second story in the volume -- offended the delicacy of one critic at least by certain peculiarities of its subject.
The editor, who obviously had read the story, might have perceived that for himself.
Again as lights on the human story I have liked to read such books of medicine as have fallen in my way, and I seldom take up a medical periodical without reading of all the cases it describes, and in fact every article in it.
Of course, there are terrible longueurs in it, and you do get tired of the same story told over and over from the different points of view, and yet it is such a great story, and unfolded with such a magnificent breadth and noble fulness, that one who blames it lightly blames himself heavily.
Of other modern poets I have read some things of William Morris, like the "Life and Death of Jason," the "Story of Gudrun," and the "Trial of Guinevere," with a pleasure little less than passionate, and I have equally liked certain pieces of Dante Rossetti.
In that story I had not gone back to the Archipelago, I had only turned for another look at it.
Looking through that story lately I had the material impression of sitting under a large and expensive umbrella in the loud drumming of a heavy rain-shower.