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In 1924, Anderson's Stormy Petrels became Southern champions when they won twenty of twenty-two games, compiling a .
The Stormy Petrels defeated Georgia Tech, coached by Alva "Kid" Clay, in a doubleheader to win the Atlanta City Championship and became undisputed Southern champions.
Oglethorpe dedicated it when the Stormy Petrels hosted the University of Dayton Flyers in a football game on October 26 of that year.
For the 1971 One Ton Cup in Auckland, the then prestigious level rating rule, Newland persuaded Sydney yachtsman Syd Fischer to charter the Sparkman & Stephens-designed Stormy Petrel.
Maria was one of three Australian yachts to contest the World One Ton Cup in New Zealand in 1970, won by the Sydney yacht Stormy Petrel, and in December the following year Des Cooper and his crew sailed Maria in the Sydney Hobart.
Another highly successful S&S design for an Australian owner was Stormy Petrel, designed to the International One Ton rule and winner of the 1971 One Ton Cup in New Zealand.
Previous winners include some of Australia's most famous blue-water racing yachts--Helsal Stormy Petrel, Sweet Caroline, Brindabella, Margaret Raintoul and Midnight Rambler.
The classic Sparkman & Stephens-designed 36-footer Stormy Petrel added another fine trophy to her long and distinguished sailing career when she outsailed a small fleet in the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia's annual Great Veterans Race for the Windward Trophy.
However, this did not detract from the fine performance of Stormy Petrel, skippered by owner Kevin O'Shea.
A Gannets B Stormy petrels C Terns D Herring gulls QUESTION 7 - for 7 points: In which region of France did Peter Mayle write of spending a year?
It is as if we root for the ruination of these windblown kites, stormy petrels, vanguard artists, lab rats, and cannon fodder.
A Paul McCartney B John Lennon C Ringo Starr D George Harrison A Gannets B Stormy petrels C Terns D Herring gulls 23.
It is hard to see how Forest can survive without the services of Pierre van Hooijdonk unless they spend some serious money, which they cannot do until they find a club willing to fork out a mammoth fee for player who is proving one of the stormy petrels of British football.
They are centre-forward Dave Hickson, an Ellesmere Port boy who became one of the game's stormy petrels, and Kevin Lewis who learned his football at his native Ellesmere Port and made good with Sheffield United.