storm at

storm at (someone or something)

To rage or fume at or because of someone or something. Storming at your bosses won't do anything to improve your situation. Plenty of people have been storming at the unfairness of the situation, but few of them have actually taken any steps to help resolve it.
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storm at someone or something

Fig. to direct one's anger at someone or something. She stormed at him because he was late again. Richard was storming at the cat again.
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on Wednesday night (July 16), the CWB issued a sea warning for Danas, while the bureau declared a land warning for the tropical storm at 11:30 a.m.
The researchers started their study of the Saturn storm at its point of origin, or the head of the storm.
A spacecraft that recently arrived at Venus has confirmed the presence of an unusual storm feature--two giant, hurricane-like eyes within a storm at the planet's south pole.
A spectrometer on Express provided snapshots of the double vortex at various depths by observing the storm at several infrared wavelengths.
Aboard a plane equipped with sampling equipment, he plans to test the same storm at three locations: near its point of origin (over Japan or Korea), mid-journey (over the Aleutian Islands), and at a destination on the Pacific Northwest coast.
By scanning the Dimmitt storm at close range, Wurman and his colleagues determined that the maximum winds exceeded 156 miles per hour and that they occurred close to the ground, within 650 feet of the surface, as predicted by theory.