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And yet, it was not long after this that the using of gourds for storing water became the general practice of the horde.
She was behind time, an' around the Puget Sound ports we worked like niggers, storing cargo-mixed freight, if you know what that means.
The gentlemen were talking over all sorts of things, and she listened attentively, storing up much of what she heard, for she had an excellent memory, and longed to distinguish herself by being able to produce some useful information when reproached with her ignorance.
But these years were not altogether lost, for if both day and night Milton roamed the meadows about his home in seeming idleness, he was drinking in all the beauty of earth and sky, flower and field, storing his memory with sights and sounds that were to be a treasure to him in after days.
We are storing them for him and for my sister, who is abroad.
While Maud was passing me the provisions and I was storing them in the boat, a sailor came on deck from the forecastle.