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Size-33 rubber bands should have given the "roller" the greatest stored energy.
Here are suggestions for ways to make the "roller" have more stored and motion energy: 1) Make the ramp steeper, That way, the container will start with more stored energy and roll farther.
The customers claimed the subpoena was so broad it violated the wiretap and stored communication laws.
The plaintiffs appealed, and the Justice Department filed a court brief arguing that the Stored Communications Act should not apply.
Although tape remains one of the least expensive storage mediums--costing as little as a tenth of a cent per megabyte of stored data--it's frustratingly slow compared with hard disks or floppies.
Within five to seven years the magnetic charge that encodes the stored data begins to weaken to the point where it cannot be accessed reliably.
It may not be easy to view, inspect, or assess business records stored as electronic data or digitized images, without a firm understanding of the inner workings of computer database software.
When an individual uses computer software to create a business record, such as a letter created with a word processor, that letter's content is usually stored in a single file on a computer's hard disk.
The converted image then is stored, either on a computer's hard disk or, more likely because of the huge amount of disk space required, on optical disks--the computer data-storage equivalent of CD-ROMs.
In addition, software is needed to manage the indexing and retrieval of the stored documents.
* Huge numbers of documents can be stored in a relatively small space.