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in cold storage

dead; in a state of death. (Alludes to the actual storage of certain things, such as fur coats, in cold storerooms.) Tom gets paid for putting his subjects in cold storage. Poor old Jed is in cold storage.
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in storage

in a place where things are stored or kept. Mary placed her winter clothes in storage during the summer. John's furniture is in storage while he is in the army.
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in cold storage

In a state of abeyance or postponement. For example, We can't consider these design changes now; let's put them in cold storage for a year or so . This expression alludes to the literal storage of food, furs, or other objects in a refrigerated place. [Colloquial; late 1800s]
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into cold storage

If you put something into cold storage, you delay doing it or dealing with it. He made it clear that the peace process would have to be put into cold storage until both sides had shown that they were committed to democracy. Note: You can also say that something is in cold storage. A few years ago a publisher asked me to consider writing a novel on the subject, and the idea has been in cold storage ever since.
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in cold storage

mod. dead; in a state of death. Rocko gets paid for putting his subjects in cold storage.
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Though SMS was definitely not an end-to-end storage management architecture, SMS represented the most comprehensive achievement in storage management software to date and it became a mainframe standard for storage management after nearly 10 years of evolution.
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Because SANs are networks, they are open and support all popular server operating systems, applications and storage systems.
RELDATA is the innovative provider of open storage virtualization gateways that enable scalable, high-performance, unified iSCSI SAN and NAS storage solutions with superior IP-based data replication and disaster recovery features through integration and consolidation of disparate multi-vendor FC, SCSI and iSCSI storage resources.
Businesses that could afford it have been consolidating servers and migrating from DAS to storage area networks (SANs).
Other storage vendors allow for different drive types, but cannot automatically migrate data between storage tiers and RAID levels, and they require separate software for data classification and data movement--immediately negating any potential return on investment.
Central to the challenge in deploying modular storage systems is balancing capacity, availability, and performance requirements versus budgetary considerations.
Large enterprises across the globe are experiencing unprecedented performance and scalability demands for Internet-enabled, online transaction processing (OLTP) applications and infrastructure consolidations and require a massively scalable storage solution that can meet these pressing business requirements.
Distributing the storage management intelligence also allows storage to be managed and synchronized across multiple geographic locations.
As the FC disk array grew in size, the high-end, monolithic, FC storage subsystems (e.
edu), under the direction of Garth Gibson, have been working on this new technology that radically overhauls the structure of storage as we know it.
Results from our early support program proved that our SRM solution further delivers on the Softek promise to simplify and optimize the management of complex, multi-vendor storage infrastructures from a common management platform to achieve better-utilization, more productive staffs, and greater application availability," said Steven Murphy, president and CEO at Softek.
Mapping storage usage from application hosts down to the storage array is critical functionality that is long overdue," said Arun Taneja, consulting analyst and founder of the Taneja Group.
With traditional DAS or FC-SAN attached disk drives or tape, a file system makes read and write requests via the server to the storage devices using a set of standard SCSI commands.