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It was some seconds before they realised what had happened to them, but, when they did, they began to shout lustily for the boy to stop.
At the end of a hundred yards they are naturally breathless, and suddenly stop, and all sit down on the grass and laugh, and your boat drifts out to mid- stream and turns round, before you know what has happened, or can get hold of a scull.
You jump up, and push it off, and you shout to them not to stop.
No," you reply, "it's all right; only go on, you know - don't stop.
My word, night he stop," the captain objected, then added, as a concession against the known rule that visitors were not permitted aboard after nightfall: "You come on board, boy stop 'm along boat.
Bime by, close up, big fella warship stop 'm along Su'u, knock seven balls outa Su'u.
What name him big fella warship stop 'm along Solomons?
What name you come alongside, gun he stop along canoe belong you?
Brooke can't find it in his heart to stop them just yet, so the round goes on, the Slogger waiting for Tom, and reserving all his strength to hit him out should he come in for the wrestling dodge again, for he feels that that must be stopped, or his sponge will soon go up in the air.
You'd better stop, gentlemen," he says; "the Doctor knows that Brown's fighting--he'll be out in a minute.
Don't you know that I expect the sixth to stop fighting?
And I expect you to stop all fights in future at once.
I started at a bus stop and finished at a bus stop so, including start and finish stops, there were five bus stops in one mile of road ie a quarter-of-a-mile between stops.
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Services 95, 96A, X91 will use stop JR and service 96A will not use bus stops in Westgate Street and Cardiff Bridge.