stop cold

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stop (one) cold

To make one stop or come to a complete halt immediately or very suddenly. Hearing the gunshot in the distance stopped us both cold. Boy, Samantha could stop you cold with her smile!
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stop cold

To immediately or suddenly stop or come to a complete halt. I don't know what happened. The engine was running fine a second ago but then just stopped cold! Both of us stopped cold when we heard the gunshot in the distance.
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stop someone cold

to halt someone immediately. When you told us the bad news, it stopped me cold.
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stop cold

Also, stop dead or in one's tracks or on a dime . Halt suddenly, come to a standstill, as in When a thread breaks, the machine just stops cold, or He was so surprised to see them in the audience that he stopped dead in the middle of his speech , or The deer saw the hunter and stopped in its tracks, or An excellent skateboarder, she could stop on a dime. The first term uses cold in the sense "suddenly and completely," a usage dating from the late 1800s. The first variant was first recorded in 1789 and probably was derived from the slightly older, and still current, come to a dead stop, with the same meaning. The second variant uses in one's tracks in the sense of "on the spot" or "where one is at the moment"; it was first recorded in 1824. The third variant alludes to the dime or ten-cent piece, the smallest-size coin.
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By stopping cold turkey, addicts are not likely to stop, but by going to a rehab, whether inpatient or outpatient will make a significant difference on the chances of relapsing.
During his presidential campaign, Trump had told Fox News "We are stopping cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values.
Summary: President Barack Obama's plan to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, hit a wall of Republican opposition Tuesday, stopping cold Obama's hope for a bipartisan effort to "close a chapter" that began in the aftermath of the Sept.
It has cut more than 400 jobs across its call centres after stopping cold calling tactics and deciding to focus on retaining current customers, while the group has also been retraining its remaining workforce.
Pensioner Gwen Londsdale, of Golden Acres, said: "It is true we don't get many visitors around here, and I told Stephen that when he asked about stopping cold callers.
Npower and Scottish Power joined most of the major suppliers in stopping cold calling at the end of November.
Mr Charters-Reid added: "Letting a property breathe warm air out is just as important as stopping cold air from coming in.
Mr Tami said: "Essentially, fire fighters are being prevented from selling programmes in advance of bonfire night because of new rules aimed at stopping cold calling.
Schachner recommended small pulses of 1020 mg/kg per day for 7-10 days each month instead of stopping cold turkey.
Zovirax is excellent for stopping cold sores from getting worse and plain old Vaseline soothes chapped lips.
Having grabbed the lead with 57 seconds left to play, the New York defense came up big again stopping cold the Patriots' last desperate bid for victory.
Mr Sayer said: "Letting a property breathe warm air out is as important as stopping cold air from coming in.
"Mumsnet welcomes anything that makes parents' lives easier, and if Sneezesafe can help families by stopping cold and flu germs from spreading, we're sure everyone will be healthier and happier."
"Letting a property breathe the warm air out is just as important as stopping cold air from coming in.
Because the balm contains natural ingredients, its success is down to the fact you can slather it on all day without any side effects - stopping cold sores in their tracks.