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Tropical Storm (departing from Miami and stopping along the East Coast and the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware): Yocasta Juliao, yocastajuliao@aol.
The majority of women (70%) had no or only mild withdrawal symptoms after stopping hormone therapy, but 30% had troublesome symptoms.
The prudent, therefore, should follow Ulysses' example either by sailing past these temptations with open ears, while remaining bound to the mast of reason, or better yet, by stopping their ears to the shameful allurements of human life ("ad turpia humanae vitae lenocinia ad Ulyssis exemplum aures obturet opus est").
Although there is no single, universally accepted definition of "racial profiling," we're using the term to designate the practice of stopping and inspecting people who are passing through public places--such as drivers on public highways or pedestrians in airports or urban areas--where the reason for the stop is a statistical profile of the detainee's race or ethnicity.
Methods of slowing and stopping light have evolved from a technique for making opaque material transparent to selected light frequencies (SN: 6/1/91, p.
Asked whether he had considered stopping me, the Latino agent explains that he had, but that I did not "look nervous enough.
New data at this meeting highlighted a caution -- that a few percent of people will develop viral resistance when stopping antiretrovirals.
Because the Constitution requires that a law enforcement officer have "reasonable suspicion to stop and detain a person," (7) no one disputes that stopping or detaining individuals because of their race or ethnicity is unconstitutional.
Instead of stopping, ribosomes harmlessly insert a random amino acid into the protein they're building and continue on.
Either way, a snapshot of who officers are stopping is needed.