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American Heritage (departing from Portland, Oregon and stopping in Boise, Des Moihes and other points along the upper Midwest): Sean Barry, spbarry@gmail.
Women with different types of troublesome symptoms had similarly elevated odds of stopping unsuccessfully (odds ratios, 2.
Praising the Duke of Biron in Chapman's Byron's Tragedy, King Henry IV says that the Spaniards who tried to bribe the hero "found him still I As an unmatch'd Achilles in the wars, / So a most wise Ulysses to their words, / Stopping his ears at their enchanted sounds" (1.
But does Derbyshire believe that stopping random blacks on an interstate highway is catching very many embezzlers?
Shutting off the coupling beam freezes that give-and-take between the photons and atoms, stopping the pulse.
New data at this meeting highlighted a caution -- that a few percent of people will develop viral resistance when stopping antiretrovirals.
Kelkea now offers the most reliable reputation management services and is leveraging them to continue to develop standards and solutions for stopping the flow of unsolicited mail across the Internet.
Goul said a third count alleges Navarro engaged in similar activity after stopping a 17-year-old girl in the Chatsworth area Nov.
What caused these officers to become victims while performing such everyday duties as stopping a vehicle for a minor traffic violation?
Many of us stopping at the corner of Topanga Canyon Boulevard and Elkwood Street in Canoga Park need some clarification - and better yet - a sign stating who has the right of way.
Captus Networks, the leader in protecting networks from Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, today announced significant enhancements to its CaptIO(TM) network security device family that provide powerful capabilities for detecting and stopping DoS attacks against high-volume Internet networks and Web sites.
Yet, while the field-level investigation of an automobile and its occupants always has presented a tactical risk, over the last decade, stopping and checking vehicles for suspected criminal activity have taken on another element of danger.