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The most exceptional or memorable performance or item among others; a stand-out. Yeah, the opening act was a real show-stopper—the headlining band was disappointing in comparison! All the pieces in the designer's collection were excellent, but the wedding dress was a real show-stopper.

put a (or the) stopper on

cause something to end or become quiet.
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n. a U.S. Marine. (From the Persian Gulf War.) About a dozen bullet-stoppers came into the bar and the army guys tried to start a fight.


n. a brassiere. She’s very shy. She won’t even hang her flopper-stoppers out on the line to dry.
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The event saw Crime Stoppers Victoria s Perpetual Mersina Halvagis Award presented to 3AW reporter Darren James for his support of over 20 years, including a weekly on-air crime update.
Crime Stoppers is an effective crime fighting tool, providing a way for the public to work with the NYPD to keep their neighborhoods safe," said New York City Police Commissioner William J.
The appropriately titled ”Crime Stoppers Are Everywhere” campaign will be utilized in a variety of media outlets, including billboards, bus shelters, school posters, and brochures.
This process generates ready-to-fill vials; that is, they are clean and sterile with the stopper in place.
Fabricators using these stoppers quickly achieve pay back since they eliminate all costs of cleaning the pipes after fabrication where sand, or metal grinding dust has otherwise been allowed to get inside the pipe and will contaminate the end product that is intended to be processed through the newly fabricated pipework.
Natural rubber was largely used pre-1940 for pharmaceutical stoppers before regular butyl was invented.
Schools which want their pupils to take part have until next Monday to register for this scheme which has been devised by Doug Blanks of Staffordshire Crime stoppers.
It's a relatively simple procedure: Push in the rubber stopper to replace the cork, then stick the plastic hand pump over it, pump it a few times until the air's out and, presto, the wine remains in decent condition for as much as two weeks or longer.
But the alternative synthetic stoppers were originally dismissed by winemakers.
Crime and disorder in the area is falling but if we can encourage people to use Crime stoppers, it can fall even more.
5 to 6 inches diameter and the company now manufactures inflatable stoppers and rigid steel expanding plugs for pipes up to 72 inches diameter and aluminum plugs for diameters up to 36 inches.
This article will discuss the quality and technical challenges related to pharmaceutical stoppers for the United States, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.
Hockley-based Birmingham Stopper is one of the city's most diverse manufacturers and in its 111-year history has produced everything from stoppers to complex automotive components and brackets for mountaineers' tents.
An article from the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin explains how schools can implement a Scholastic Crime Stoppers program (an incident-reporting program in middle and high schools) in which students prevent and solve crimes.
The implementation of a Scholastic Crime Stoppers program, a proactive approach that uses students to prevent and solve crimes, constitutes one of the best and least expensive crime prevention strategies.