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The most exceptional or memorable performance or item among others; a stand-out. Yeah, the opening act was a real show-stopper—the headlining band was disappointing in comparison! All the pieces in the designer's collection were excellent, but the wedding dress was a real show-stopper.

put a (or the) stopper on

cause something to end or become quiet.
See also: on, put, stopper


n. a U.S. Marine. (From the Persian Gulf War.) About a dozen bullet-stoppers came into the bar and the army guys tried to start a fight.


n. a brassiere. She’s very shy. She won’t even hang her flopper-stoppers out on the line to dry.
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The ideas and resultant foundry design incorporates some of the most advanced systems ever used in a green sand brass foundry, including a completely automated green sand system, computerized core tracking and an automated stopper rod pressure pouring line.
The Kuhn Rikon KOCHBLUME Spill Stopper has a suggested retail price of $24.
The appropriately titled ”Crime Stoppers Are Everywhere” campaign will be utilized in a variety of media outlets, including billboards, bus shelters, school posters, and brochures.
The figure (for both cork and plastic stoppers) includes allowance for the transport of the corks from Portugal, plastic stoppers from Belgium, and aluminum closures from France to the UK for bottling.
In this region the stopper is later covered with a cap.
com)-- An innovative new product designed to effectively address a common household problem, the Sink, Bath, and Basin Stopper, has been developed by Gloria E.
Nemec showed me six other champs that weigh in under 40 points: hopbush, tallowwood, boxleaf stopper, myrtle-of-the-river, roughleaf velvetseed, and graytwig.
With the help of funds negotiated by Business Link, Stoppers has now invested in new machinery to produce a variety of automotive components.
As snoring occurs when people sleep on their back or stay in the same position for too long, the Snore Stopper detects snoring and then encourages the wearer to change position by sending an electrical impulse to the wrist.
Vials filled with liquids for pharmaceutical or chemical applications have to be airtight and leak-proof, and they have to allow the removal of liquid by inserting a hypodermic needle through the stopper.
A finned rubber stopper attached to an insertion rod is pushed through the drilled hole into the service via the angled valve on the Isolator Clamp.
Each stopper or design comes with an airtight seal to fit the neck of a specific bottle or container.
Stopper Phone: 856-489-5815 Email Address: wstopper@stopperlopez.
Potential licensees interested in obtaining more information about Door Stopper and discussing licensing opportunities with respect to the product can contact the Manufacturer Response Department of Innovation Direct[TM] at (877) 991-0909 ext.
Prequalification are invited for Supply of stationeries:File - Ring file of 3" 2D Ring of superior quality with stopper in White/Grey colour -Full Revene binding on hard board, inside one half clear pocket and full clear pocket top cover Kc on the edge with Stopper A4 M/e (Special quality).