stop dead

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stop (someone) dead

To make someone or something come to a complete halt immediately or very suddenly. Hearing the gunshot in the distance stopped us both dead. Boy, Samantha could stop you dead with her smile!
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stop cold

To immediately or suddenly stop or come to a complete halt. I don't know what happened. The engine was running fine a second ago but then just stopped cold! Both of us stopped cold when we hear the gunshot in the distance.
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stop dead

To immediately or suddenly come to a complete halt. I don't know what happened. The engine was running fine a second ago, but then it just stopped dead! Both of us stopped dead when we heard the gunshot in the distance.
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It is now up to the FCC to take the next step to ensure that competition is not stopped dead in its tracks.
Then he stopped dead in his tracks and I bent down to see if there was a problem with the harness.
In the city of red lights, Neil Lennon's qualification hopes got stopped dead.
IN THE classic style, the chaps would line up before the timber pavilion, under the clock, which had stopped dead in 1905, for the preseason photograph.
My fascination turned to fear as the thing stopped dead and hovered about 100 feet above the road.
The BNP, who had predicted a doubling of their councillors from three to six, have been stopped dead in their tracks.
Jimmy said that he stopped dead, and that he lost his action as well.
Mr Ramsay, owner of the award-winning Ramsay and Johnson hair and beauty salon in Blandford Street, Sunderland, last night told how a car stopped dead in front of his BMW in the fast lane.
Sale struggled to create any momentum with ball carriers Andrew Sheridan and Sebastien Chabal frequently stopped dead in their tracks by ferocious defensive work.
They switched on the car's siren and flashing lights but as they neared the junction of Norham Road, a Vauxhall Corsa pulled in front of them and stopped dead.
But the LLF recently posted on the internet, 'Be warned, if LNG on Earth isn't stopped dead now, our struggle will escalate accordingly.
Quentin Tarantino decided that Kill Bill was far too long to release as one film and cut it in two, although that meant that the first volume stopped dead.
He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw rows and rows of empty hangars, and a few dozen people sipping champagne.
But that cheer suddenly turned to a groan when the rickety craft stopped dead in a muddy puddle at the end of the track.