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5 : to cease operating or functioning <The engine just stopped.
The researchers also found that women who had undergone a hysterectomy and who started hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms and had used hormones for more than 10 years were most likely to-return to hormones once they stopped than other women.
He showed that when he stopped the protease inhibitors, maintaining the nucleosides only, at least for weeks if not months, the viral load stayed suppressed; he could maintain this viral load even without the protease inhibitors for months.
8] According to Lysander in Chapman's The Widow's Tears, " Penelope is not so wise as her husband Ulysses, for he, fearing the jaws of the Siren, stopped his ears with wax against her voice" (1.
Minorities are not only more likely to be stopped than whites, but they are also often pressured to allow searches of their vehicles, and they are more likely to allow such searches.
But I was worried that I would have to do chest compressions if his heart stopped beating.
Two months ago, seven Mexican-Americans--including students, recent graduates, and faculty members--from Bowie High School united to sue the Border Patrol, charging that agents had stopped and harassed them.
After 10 weeks of treatment, 23 percent of the teens using both the patch and the antidepressant had stopped smoking completely and 28 percent of teens using the patch plus placebo had kicked the habit -- a statistically insignificant difference.
2 : the act of bringing or coming to a halt : the state of being stopped <The train came to a stop.
Nearly 100 feet of skid marks led to the crushed Toyota that came to rest on the southwest side of the intersection and the dump truck that stopped just a few feet from the Toyota.
A racial disparity, if one can be established, is only legally significant under the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment if individuals stopped solely on the basis of their race were similarly situated to others who were not stopped.
If not stopped quickly, the SYN flood attack will consume system resources until the target system becomes unstable or crashes.
Several vehicles were stopped waiting to turn right from Wisconsin onto Soledad Canyon when Gonzales steered her van around them and turned left onto Soledad without stopping for the stop sign, Moore said.
The truck was a hit wherever we went, it stopped people in their tracks and at times, stopped traffic," Ms.
Klitschko hurt Lewis badly in the second round with a straight right - the same punch that stopped Lewis on two occasions - but couldn't finish the job and missed his best chance to win the fight.