stop over

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stop over (in some place)

To briefly stop in or visit some place during the course of a journey, especially a flight. I thought it was a direct flight to Dublin, but we're actually stopping over in Denver. Wow, you're going all the way to South Africa! Where are you stopping over on the way?
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stop over (some place)

to break one's journey, usually overnight or even longer. On our way to New York, we stopped over in Philadelphia for the night. That's a good place to stop over. There are some nice hotels in Philadelphia.
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stop over

To interrupt one's course or journey briefly somewhere: We stopped over in Athens for a few days on our way to India.
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Those coming from Bacolod will have stop overs in Victorias and Caduha-an while those coming from San Carlos will have stop overs at Toboso and Sagay.
After completion of Multan visit, Gujranwala and Sahiwal would be our next stop overs to strengthen PSP network, Raza Haroon said.
The group will have stop overs in villages in Italy, Switzerland and France to discuss climate change issues with the residents.
The Tour has been revised at the request of sailors seeking new challenges and will see the fleet cross the Arabian Gulf twice with stop overs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Khasab, Sohar and Muscat over the course of two weeks.
The route, which includes stop overs at over 20 National Trust properties across Britain.
However, it can be reached with stop overs or flight changes at other European airports.