stop for

stop for (someone or something)

1. To cease moving for some amount of time. Boy, I'm really out of shape! Can we stop for a few minutes until I catch my breath? We're going to stop for a few day's at my cousin's house on our way to Florida.
2. To stop driving one's vehicle temporarily in order to do or acquire something. Mom, can we stop for ice cream on the way home? The police officer made me stop for a roadside sobriety test.
3. To stop driving one's vehicle so that someone can board. You really should stop for hitchhikers, you know. I thought they were going to stop for me, but then they just drove off instead.
See also: stop

stop for someone

to halt one's vehicle to allow someone to get in. I stopped for Jeff, but he didn't want a ride. I didn't have time to stop for you. I hope you will forgive me.
See also: stop

stop for something

to halt one's vehicle because of something or the need of something. I had to stop for a red light. We stopped for some gas.
See also: stop
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Tuesday and failed to stop for a four-way stop sign at 15th Street East, sheriff's deputies said.
Wednesday on Avenue H when it failed to stop for a stop sign at 50th Street East, CHP officers said.
The bracket has an internal shim plate that matches up with either the cutout on the M4 carbine barrel or the barrel stop for the M5 ARS on the MI6A4.
For example, an officer initiated a traffic stop for traveling the wrong way on a one-way street.
Nick as a street-crossing decoy, deputies from the Santa Clarita sheriff's station issued 45 tickets on San Fernando Road in downtown Newhall to motorists who failed to stop for pedestrians - and the jolly, bearded man in the red suit - crossing the street.
Annie Yap, 63, of Westchester was pulled over for failing to stop for Santa.
For example, when confronted with a defense challenge that a traffic stop for making an illegal turn was pretextual, a court using the "would have" test cannot simply determine that the officer making the stop had reason to believe the traffic laws were violated.
For instance, when confronted with the challenge that a traffic stop for an illegal U-turn or an unsignaled lane change was pretextual, a law enforcement agency could refute that challenge by establishing the consistency with which its officers make such stops.
The silver Toyota 4Runner had been traveling south on 45th Street West and slowed but didn't completely stop for the stop sign at Avenue N, witnesses told deputies.
Investigators were trying to determine why Chiaramonte did not stop for the stop sign.
18, 1997, when she either failed to stop for a stop sign for Avenue R-8 or stopped there and pulled out without seeing the bus approaching on 30th Street East, which has no stop sign.
In Miami it is not customary to stop for stop signs.