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stop behind (someone or something)

To come right up to the rear of someone or something and stop moving, especially while driving in a car. I pulled over to let the police car go past, but then they stopped right behind me. Someone walked over and stopped behind me, breathing heavily down my neck. I wish I hadn't stopped behind this huge truck. Now I'll be breathing its exhaust fumes the whole time we're stuck in traffic!
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stop behind someone or something

to bring oneself or one's vehicle to a stop behind someone or something. I stopped behind Fred at the red light. Fred stopped behind a minivan.
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If there's no run-up pad and you're forced to stop behind another airplane preparing to take off, give it plenty of room.
"We pulled into the bus stop behind the bus, he pulled me out of the car and said you need to come and see this."
That, I suspect, is what we will spend the next 10 years learning: Google isn't going to stop behind our screens - the disruption it has wrought in commerce and communications is going to move into every aspect of life.
A short distance down the narrow road - which has a one-in-eight gradient - Mr MacMillan had to stop behind a parked car to allow other cars to come up the hill.
His teammate Joerg Bergmeister, who tops the winners' list with five victories from the last five years on this circuit, fell back just once to third place after another pit stop behind his works driver colleague Wolf Henzler, but was quickly able to regain his position.
Unfortunately the bus, on an incline, had to stop behind the car in front, which was in a wheel-spin on impacted snow.
He tweeted: "Out now on my bike, had to stop behind bush for comfort break."
Once on Old Turnpike Road, the truck driver stopped, blocking half the road and forcing the Jeep to stop behind him.
He said: "Another vehicle, a car, was directed to stop behind the van.
I DON'T think its a good idea to make traffic stop behind school buses.
South Tyneside JPs heard the boy was standing with a friend at the bus stop behind McDonald's in Keppel Street, South Shields, at 8.55pm.
after a driver stopped to rescue a 50-year-old man who was lying in the expressway lane and bleeding from the head, causing 11 other vehicles to stop behind the driver's vehicle, according to the police.
The incident happened in John Bright Street on the number 41 bus while it was parked at a stop behind Abigail's nightclub.
Will is unceremoniously plopped from the getaway car into the snow, and Chino rolls to a dead stop behind the wheel.
I've known bucks to take just one more step before coming to a complete stop behind a screen of brush.